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Cick & Collect or nationwide delivery Tue to Fri £9.95 inc VAT, packaging, packing & postage.


Find out why the Butchery was judged to be the Best On Farm Butcher in Britain.

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Pork - Loin Chops
A butchers classic. A lovely piece of meat that will be tender and juicy with the added bo...

£9.50 per kg



Item Quantity:

Pork - Loin of pork (stuffed sage & red onion)
Beautifully tender meat, nice and juicy, complemented with our very own stuffing mix, bake...

£13.50 per kg



Item Quantity:

Pork - Mince
Good quality pork goes into our mince, and its done twice for an even texture. Go where yo...

£8.50 per kg



Item Quantity:

Pork - Shoulder Chops
The shoulder is absolutely packed with flavour! Great if you are not after an entire shoul...

£7.50 per kg



Item Quantity:

Pork - Shoulder Steak
Packed full of flavour, these have a generous lathering of fat which will break down at th...

£9.90 per kg



Item Quantity:

Pork - Sirloin Steak
Excellent cut of pork – bone free, a little covering of fat that will add the extra flav...

£13.50 per kg



Item Quantity: