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Beefburger 6oz
Homemade on site and we are very proud of them, there is no rubbish in these burgers, just...

£9.95 per kg



Item Quantity:

Beef - Steak Sirloin
A fine choice, the most succulent of the steaks and the beautiful deep red colour of prope...

£29.00 per kg



Item Quantity:

Beef - Steak Rump
Scrumptious Rumpous!

A beautiful tender cut from the hind quarter, which is great ...

£19.95 per kg



Item Quantity:

Beef - Steak T Bone
This is the best of both worlds, comprising the sirloin and fillet either side of the bone...

£22.50 per kg



Item Quantity:

Sausage - Beef & Chilli
The biggest of our home made sausages, and the hottest too (manageably so), this is anothe...

£9.95 per kg



Item Quantity:

Beef - Topside
An absolute classic for the centre of the dinner table come Sunday! The combination of te...

£12.50 per kg



Item Quantity: